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Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl

Phyllis Khare & Andrea Vahl


Hi and welcome!

We’re Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl and we’re glad you’re here. We have a question for you… Would you like to work from home (or anywhere, really) doing a job you love, working with the clients you want to work with who will pay you what you’re worth? If you said yes, read on!

Our research and our students tell us this is information you’ll not find anywhere else online.

“I consider myself a very proficient social media consultant and manager but the course that Phyllis and Andrea have developed is EPIC! Even if you think you know it all there is a ton of amazing content in this course. If you are just starting out as a social media manager, everything you need is right here for you. Perhaps you have a small agency and need extra training for your staff? This course allowed me to help my assistant upskill to manager level and now she’s even generating sales!”

— Jenny Brennen, Virtual Office Worx

“I took Social Media Manager School (Premium) in 2013 and ever since I graduated, my social media consulting and management business has sky rocket beyond my imagination. Phyllis and Andrea are phenomenal teachers! The amount of knowledge and value they give is 10 times (and more) the price they charge for. Although I can’t ever deny the quality and quantity of value they deliver in this course, the real icing on the cake is the community that these amazing ladies have built on the back on the course.” Liz Azyan

— Liz Azyan, Digital Matchbox

“What I like best about creating a business based on social media is that it allows me to focus on what’s most important in my life. It gives me a flexible schedule and my work is focused on helping people. In just a few years I have built my business to include social media management and training for businesses around the world. One of the first serious steps I took towards building this business was signing up for Social Media Manager School. In the beginning I had no clue what to include in proposals or client contracts. The bonus materials and support from the Facebook group were invaluable; they helped me sign my first client.”

— Cynthia Sanchez, OhSoPinteresting


Build Your Business

Over the past 7+ years we’ve been sifting through every last strategy, tactic, and tip, and we’ve tested them in our own businesses. We’ve learned a few things about what works, what’s the best bang for your buck (AND time and attention), and what’s best left behind.

We’re going to share it all with you.

We know what you’re going through. We’ve been using social media since the early days. The result? We’ve built our businesses more quickly and have reached far more people than we ever would have by traditional marketing efforts alone. Oh, and we’ve loved every minute of it! That’s why we built Social Media Manager School – so we can share this information with as many people as possible.


“I just have to share about my experience with the Social Media Manager School. First off, the program is taught by two of the most knowledgeable social media experts around. Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl provide an immense amount of information in this course including videos, templates, articles, etc. — everything that you need to get started and thrive. But here’s the best part: Andrea and Phyllis are involved with every day of your journey. They answer your questions in the Facebook group, provide additional information continually, and support you every step of the way. I whole-heartedly recommend the Social Media Manager School to anyone who is serious about supporting and transforming their business and their clients’ businesses this way.” Kristy Schnabel

— Kristy Schnabel, It’s Virtually Done, LLC

“Social Media Manager School was by far the best investment I made in my business this past year. Taught by social media experts, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare, this is an extensive course that includes videos, templates, tip sheets, and articles to help you with your social media business. The private Facebook group has also been an invaluable resource. Social Media Manager School is must-have training for anyone looking to start a social media business or to grow their current business.” Kelly Ward

— Kelly Ward, Digital K

“I came to the program with lots of social media savvy and little business knowledge on how to run a social media business – for profit! Their program was well structured, contained a lot more content than I was expecting and had lots of step-by-step guides on what to do. Best of all they are active members of their community and offer up lots of advice, suggestions and support. The private Facebook SMMS Community is also positive, engaging and supportive. Never felt more comfortable jumping off a cliff!” Janet Kennedy

— Janet Kennedy

Businesses are searching for good social media managers


Access to over 30 hours of video and document training on the latest and greatest developments in social media management » updated as things change (more often in the Facebook section!)
Certificate of Completion – optional, but helps you promote your services with a certificate you can frame and a badge for your website. >> our students LOVE this feature!
Access to a lively Facebook community where you can share your expertise, ask questions and make lasting connections, AND, once you complete the course, opportunities for social media marketing work are available.
Templates, tools, scripts that will allow you to plug, play and build your business and your client’s businesses quickly >> another one of our students’ favorite features!
Discounts on other social media trainings >> like Andrea’s Facebook Ads products!
Basic video tutorials on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, G+ and Instagram where you’ll learn everything you need to know about the various social media platforms your clients might need.
“SMMS and all the knowledge and interactions I have here may end up allowing me not only to start my own business but to also save my home (quite literally, as I’ve been unemployed for two years). So, whether or not I can make it so that I can become financially stable, the lessons I’ve learned from this program extend beyond SM management and I think I’m a better person for being here Thank you, everyone!” Gaby

— Gaby

“I have taken a lot of very good training from many excellent social media marketing experts but this class stands out because of its completely practical approach to HOW TO do Social Media Management rather than just the theoretical aspects of the work. Thank you and kudos to Phyllis & Andrea. I’m ready to take on more customers thanks to you.” Marge Brown

— Marge Brown,


Andrea Vahl Andrea Vahl is a Social Media Consultant and Speaker and is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, one of the most influential social media news sites, for over 2 years and was named 50 Favorite Online Influencers of 2014 on She is the lead teacher at FBInfluence and also uses her Improv comedy skills to blog as a slightly cranky character, Grandma Mary – Social Media Edutainer.‏


Grandma Mary

Phyllis Khare Phyllis Khare is the author of two comprehensive books on social media marketing: Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies 1st and 2nd Editions. She’s written and presented for Social Media Examiner and Marketing Profs. She is also an Adjunct Instructor at the David Lynch M.A. in Film Department teaching social media marketing. Phyllis is the Senior Content Editor for the Social Media Strategy Path of and was ranked #10 in “Top 10 Social Media Bloggers you must follow!” on SocialAppsHQ and consistently ranks in the top half of the Top Marketing Book Authors on Twitter. 




This school is for anyone who wants to know how to use social media to create a more compelling online presence, build an engaged community and create a business you love.

Consultants  Small Business Owners  Content Creators  Writers and Authors  Entrepreneurs  Marketing Professionals We will be teaching you exactly how to use all of our information to build (and grow) your business as a social media consultant or manager. Because you start with yourself first, this information will benefit anyone who wants to know more about the tools they can use to create engaging communities online.





Module 1: Finding New (Better) Clients


  • Online strategies to find GREAT clients using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G+
  • How to work offline with local business organizations to have a constant flow of potential clients
  • Essential marketing material you need to put in place to attract clients to you
  • Important conversations you MUST have with potential clients before you commit to working together
  • How to ask for referrals from your happy clients
  • How to assess if a client has the funds to pay you so that you don’t waste your time with “pick your brain” lunches… including a script for how to say No (with heart).

Module 2: Managing Existing Clients


  • How to create Monthly Reports the client will love to read
  • How often to talk to clients so that they aren’t taking all your time but they are in the loop
  • How to talk to clients and set expectations so that both you AND the client look like Rock Stars!
  • How to get everyone ON BOARD with your plan
  • BIG BONUS! Top 20 Q&A you can use as swipe copy for your own blog posts!

Module 3: Organizing Your Work


  • How to make your work easier and more streamlined with our Top Tools List
  • Which tools you need for the 9 vital systems every social media manager needs to have in place
  • Our number one tool for productivity and how to really use it effectively
  • How to use our must-have editorial and social task calendars so you can put them to work for you right away
  • How to find the best sources of content for your client’s blogs (they will love you for this!)
  • The BEST online meeting and screen-sharing tools we’ve found and use every day!

Module 4: Money Management


  • How much to charge and how to find out what your competitors are charging
  • How to manage your billing with several different tools to make it easy for the client to pay you quickly
  • How to estimate your time for monthly contracts so that you don’t lose money!
  • How to use our sample templates for different types of contracts
  • How to craft WINNING Proposals with our templates – yes you read that correctly – use them right away in your own business

Module 5: Advanced Marketing Tasks



  • How to add custom apps to your client’s Facebook Page
  • How to use the Facebook Power Editor for Ads and how to run effective contests
  • How to ROCK the SEO of your clients’ YouTube videos AND channel and a little-known ninja trick for tags your clients will LOVE
  • How to use LinkedIn to find NEW clients for you AND your clients
  • How to use G+ for private video hangouts and ON AIR Video Hangouts
  • How to use Pinterest for contests and use Twitter for search
  • How to build a funnel on Instagram and so much more!

Module 6: Mobile and Beyond


  • How to get away from your home office and so you can manage your clients from your mobile device » Phyllis is the master of this!
  • How to walk your client through the crisis minefield so that you both come out smelling like a rose
  • How to help your clients have a responsive website design so their business is truly mobile-ready
  • How to create a Social Media Policy for your client’s business
  • How to set up systems so your client can sell ebooks and host webinars



Well, you don’t have to wait until you graduate Social Media Manager School to start seeing results.


Many of our current students have seen big changes in their business after just implementing what they learned in the first module.


But we’re going to break it down for you.


Here’s what gets to happen for you when you participate in Social Media Manager School. You’ll…

Be crystal clear on what to focus on when it comes to getting more clients and growing your business.
Know how to execute your clients’ strategy and how to do it quickly and efficiently.
Have a bag of marketing ideas you can implement consistently so that your pipeline never dries up.
Know exactly how to position yourself so that high-level clients become your new normal.
Know how to set up strategic partnerships so you can grow without having to do it all yourself.
Have a step-by-step plan to go from having no clients to having a full calendar with clients you love.
Have a soup-to-nuts guide that has all of the resources you need to carry out the day-to-day job of a social media manager.
Have proven systems in place so each time you bring on new clients you can plug and play instead of having to reinvent the wheel.
Learn how to become a master at delivering value and making it so your clients never want to lose you.
Know how to structure your business to maximize your time, flexibility and growth.
Know how to find and choose the right niche and get started in it with your first clients and then how to grow exponentially from there.
Know how to create an ongoing stream of leads.

Imagine having your exact next steps mapped out to double your business as a social media manager.




“I’ve taken a couple of social media manager courses and this one by far was the best one I’ve taken! It’s also the one that I’ve learned the most and got the details on what it’s like to be a social media manager. Thank you to you and Phyllis for such a great course!” Kristen Robinson

— Kristen Robinson, KR Design

“SMMS is for those who have a desire to be socially organized. Meaning you already have a great grasp on social media, but you really needed the framework to help you become a manager and stay on top of it all. There is no one, no other program, anywhere, that’s going to get you ready to be a SMM, quite like Andrea and Phyllis… all while staying true to their super fun and quirky selves as mentors and managers themselves. I’d pay $1,000 just to be part of the Facebook Group, due to the continued knowledge you’ll gain daily from the 300+ managers in that private group. Vastly underpriced program and they’ve over delivered and will continue to as it has a lifetime membership. Am I going on too much? …Sorry, SMMS is just that good and I’m happy to be a SMMS student.” Stephen Hart

— Stephen Hart

“Phyllis and Andrea’s Social Media Manager School came along at just the right moment with just the right information for me! I am so grateful to have the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from this course. The Facebook group is priceless, too, with a fantastic community sharing their social media questions and tips, so the learning goes on and on!” Natalie Moon-Wainwright

— Natalie Moon-Wainwright, The Calistoga Blogger

Social Media Manager School Tools

Social Media Manager School is 6 weeks long. 

Once you register you’ll be immediately given access to the private Facebook group as well as to the (7) bonuses listed below and the Basics Module. Then each week, you’ll be sent a new Module. Each module will include a combination of audio, video, text, templates, and tools to make sure you learn the material from all angles.

We’ve set it up so that you receive a new module each week (instead of all at the same time) because we’ve learned that our students get the most out of this material when they take time to assimilate all of the new information and then put it into practice in a systematic way. If however you are one of those people who want it all at once, you can always wait to begin until all of the modules have released and then when you log in at that point, you’ll have access to all of the materials at once. You choose what works best for you. And you have LIFETIME access! How cool is that? If you can’t start right away you know you can jump in at any time.
One Module per Week. Lifetime Access.
“This course was packed with resources, tips, checklists, and great teaching. I know it’s going to help me be more efficient and offer my clients even better services as a result of taking this course. Thanks, Andrea and Phyllis, for putting together a terrific program. I highly recommend it.” Sue Pamment

— Sue Pamment,

Renae Christine Testimonial


Bonus 1: Certificate of Completion


Upon successful completion of the course, you may take a certification quiz to receive your Certificate of Completion.
This comes with a personalized certificate (suitable for framing) and a badge for your website to let people know that you have completed Social Media Manager School. Our students have told us that having this has made a BIG difference in whether a potential client chooses to hire them or not.

Bonus 2: Access to our Private Facebook Group

When you join this private group you’ll get on-going support, access to our expertise, a way to connect with your peers, and hear about the latest social media tips and tools to help your business. Here’s what a few of our students have said about it…
testimonials-quotes-blue“The course content is absolutely amazing, but the help and community support we get in the Facebook group is what makes every penny worth it!”
“This group has been my go to when I needed honest advice and camaraderie in the social media place.”
“The Facebook group is like having a team of social media consultants. It provides collaborative help on a continual basis.”

Bonus 3: Amy Porterfield's Ultimate Editorial Guide

This jam-packed document includes everything you need to organize your work and was used to create the editorial guide for Social Media Examiner.
It’s been expanded to include your client’s mission and goals so that you AND your client are crystal clear on what you are working towards and how it will be measured.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ strategies are all included!

Bonus #4 – Andrea’s 3 signature eBooks


BOOK 1: How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business
BOOK 2: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business
BOOK 3: How to Use Facebook to Get Leads for Your Business

Bonus #5 – Phyllis’ Streamlined Marketing Flowsheet


This streamlined checklist of marketing tasks is uber popular with Phyllis’ private clients.
It starts with a month out from any type of event and has ideas on how to keep the marketing momentum rolling all the way through the event and after!

Bonus #6 – Isaac A. Wardell’s Custom Templates

Isaac A. Wardell, a Social Media Coach and Strategist, has created some amazing easy-to-use custom templates that will make your job a snap!
These templates are on his own Membership site but they are now available to you as an added bonus!
Look at all the great ready-to-go documents he has created:
  • Proposal Template – easily create beautiful proposals in a couple minutes. Instructional video helps show you how the template works.
  • Business Marketing Agreement – already done for you.
  • Employer/Employee Contract
  • Independent Contractor Contract

Bonus #7 – Extensive Social Media Platform BASICS Video Tutorials

Do you feel like you could use a solid understanding of how all of these social platforms work? Would you like to be more confident in your social media knowledge? We added this Basics section just for you!
  • Video tutorials of Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Twitter
  • Understand the things you should be focusing on for your clients in each platform
  • Learn all of the ins and outs of each site so you can feel more confident when you’re giving social media training

Bonus #8 – Exclusive Discounts on Social Media Tools and Products

We have partnered with several social media tools sites to give you fantastic discounts on the tools you need to do your work.
Tools like Rignite, a tool to help you monitor and manage your social campaigns, and TabSite, a tool to help you run Facebook Contests and create custom Tabs. And more!





We know that everyone learns in a different way. Some people prefer to work through the material on their own, while others prefer additional support.

That’s why we’ve created three options.

When you choose this option you’ll get access to the complete training modules (over 30 hours of video content) plus downloadable documents and templates, the 7 bonuses listed in this page and immediate access to the private Facebook Group. Total Home Study VALUE $1497
OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $208.42

Premium Course
When you choose this option, you get everything in the Home-Study package, plus:
Phyllis’ High-Level Client Social Media Management Proposal Template
Andrea’s Marketing Strategy Template
3 live 60-minute group Q&A calls with Andrea and Phyllis and how they use these advanced documents
Total Premium VALUE $2497
OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $309.68

When you choose this option, you get everything in the Premium version, PLUS Andrea’s Signature Facebook Advertising Secret course Phyllis’ Signature TimeBliss.ME course 1/2 hour consultation with Andrea and 1/2 hour consultation with Phyllis Total Platinum VALUE $2891
OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $509.42

Social Media Manager School will OPEN soon!

Already a member? Login Here.





Be aware, this option is only available to the FIRST 60 who sign up. It involves more time with us so we have to limit it to make sure we give you the attention you deserve.

Here’s the deal.

When you purchase the Premium Course, you get everything in the Home Study option plus the 3 following extras:
3 Live Group Q&A Calls

On these calls we’ll be on the line for 60 minutes to answer any questions you have about social media marketing and management. This is will an invaluable resource as you begin moving through the content and questions come up. You will have complete access to the recordings, too.

Andrea’s Marketing Strategy Template*

This template is worth thousands of dollars in ongoing client business. Just fill in the blanks with information specific to each one of your clients and present them a strategy they’ll be willing to pay for month after month. This took years to perfect but it’s yours to use right away to start growing your business.

Phyllis’ High-Level Client Proposal*

Do you want to get high-level clients who appreciate the value you bring to the table? This proposal is your ticket. Phyllis has used this over and over to get clients who are willing to pay her thousands a month for her to manage their social media. She has road tested it over the years and knows what works when it comes to attracting the right kind of clients. You know, the kind you love to work with and who appreciate the value you provide them.


Use one of these templates just once and you’ll more than double your investment. Combine that with the value you’ll get from over 3 hours of time with us on the extra webinars, and I think you’ll agree that we’re doing everything we can to make this a “red carpet” experience for you.

4-Plans-3-Premium-icon-4We believe in this program and we want you to build the kind of business that brings you more than just clients and money, but also the peace of mind knowing that you get to control your work, bringing out the best of who you are.

“Andrea and Phyllis’s Strategy and Proposal documents are continually helpful to me as a social media consultant. I pull them out to use as a foundation every time I need to create documentation for new clients. The proposal template lets you present a professional, comprehensive proposal to your clients — they give you all the time savvy tools you need to get more clients. The strategy template gives you step-by-step assistance with creating clear, concise strategies for your social media clients (including everything from mapping out the company’s ideal client, to setting goals for each individual social networking platform). These templates will allow you to stand out from the competition. If you want to look more professional, give your clients better advice, and land more clients, you need these documents.”


— Beth Hayden, Social Media Consultant & Speaker



LOVE it in 30 Days or Your Money Back!

The amount of education, advice and How To’s you’ll get by joining Social Media Manager School is beyond any other social media training. The investment is minuscule when you consider how quickly you’ll recoup it by using just one of our strategies for bringing more clients in the door.

We’re happy to make you this promise: TRY SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER SCHOOL RISK-FREE FOR 30 DAYS. If you’re not wowed with the value you’re getting for your investment, we’ll happily return your payment, no questions asked.

30 Day Guarantee

“I am sooo overwhelmed with JOY that I am a student of SMMS. So far Module 1 has been eye opening! I can only imagine the next Modules. The more videos I watch (over and over) the MORE I learned. I am sooooo green and there is so much to “catch up on” I really BELIEVE I can nail this. I only wish I had signed up in the Spring.”

SMMS Student

— Gracie Ruth




The doors will open again in October, 2016.

In the meantime, we have some great free resources for you.

Just enter your info below to claim them and be on the list for first notice when our next class opens.