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Are you a business owner
who wants to grow your business
with social media marketing

but don’t know what to do?

Social Media Manager School is THE premier place online
to teach you how to grow your business using social media

Welcome to Social Media Manager School!

All over the world people are making buying decisions because of social media.  Even if your company isn’t on social yet, people are still talking about you and your business.  The world has changed and Social Media is here to stay.  

Social media is an extremely powerful way to get highly targeted leads, increase revenue, and bring you closer to your customers.  Social media allows you keep your business top of mind and easily get more exposure to new customers.

But how do you keep up with what’s working right now on all the social platforms? How do you organize your time and use the tactics that are most effective? And how do you track your ROI so you know your social media marketing is working?


We have helped businesses all over the world get more leads and sell more products with social media.  And the good news is that we put all of our strategies and tactics into our School.

We’ve worked with all types of businesses from small companies to multi-million dollar corporations and we’ve put our trainings and tutorials in the Lessons you can read about below.

This course is perfect for Local businesses, nonprofits, realtors, online stores, authors,  and anyone who wants to learn how to market their business on social media.

You can use the information in our School for yourself or buy it for your in-house social media manager (to make sure they are using social media in all the right ways)

You’ll learn how to get qualified leads, create successful content , and how to use social advertising.

Not only that, you’ll learn how to expand your organic reach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and more.

We also have a dedicated Facebook Group just for businesses and their in-house managers where you can ask questions and get reliable answers and feedback.

Join us to learn how to finally use social media the right way for your business so that you can get new customers and really connect with your current customers.  


If you are a business owner
doing your own social media marketing
or have someone doing it IN-HOUSE

These social-specific LESSONS are for you!

Lesson 1 - Facebook



  • Facebook 101 – to fill in the gaps you might have

  • Deciding on a Page or Group for the business – the pros and cons of each type and how to choose

  • Understanding personal accounts and business Pages – vital to keep Facebook happy and functional

  • How to set up a new Facebook Page or modify an existing one optimized for success

  • How to create attractive posts – using business branded images and video

  • How to use Live video to reach more people and build bigger communities

  • How to use Facebook’s built-in scheduling so you can be efficient with your time

  • How to be a good community manager using tools, notifications and pre-crafted messages

  • How to run successful Giveaways, Contest and Sweepstakes on Facebook (that comply with Facebook’s Terms)

  • How to grow your OWN Page and get qualified leads and sales from Facebook ads

  • Understanding Facebook Insights – so you know when your marketing is working

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for Facebook marketing!

Lesson 2 - Instagram



  • Instagram 101 – to fill in any gaps your manager might have
  • Setting up or changing to a business account
  • How to create successful content for Instagram
  • How to use hashtags successfully for dramatically expanding REACH on Instagram
  • How to set up scheduling so your manager can go home on time
  • How to run Giveaways, Contests and Sweepstakes on Instagram
  • Intro to create effective Ads on Instagram
  • Understanding Instagram Analytics

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for Instagram marketing!

Lesson 3 - Twitter



  • Twitter 101 – to fill in any gaps your manager might have
  • Intro to Twitter tools – it’s vital to have the best tools for your type of marketing
  • How to create successful content for Twitter to get leads and sales
  • How to use hashtags to get double the Reach on Twitter
  • How to create and utilize Twitter Lists for time-saving research and marketing tasks
  • Intro to effective Ads on Twitter
  • Understanding Twitter Analytics

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for Twitter marketing!

Lesson 4 - LinkedIn



  • LinkedIn 101 – to fill in the gaps your in-house manager might have
  • How to decide if LinkedIn is a good social site for your business
  • How to update personal accounts and create Company Pages
  • How to post from the Company Page and share to the personal account
  • How to schedule posting to LinkedIn for time-management success
  • How to use Groups and Pulse for reaching new prospects
  • When and how to privately message business contacts on LinkedIn
  • Understanding Company Page Analytics
  • Deciding if LinkedIn ads are good for your business

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for LinkedIn marketing!

Lesson 5 - Pinterest



  • Pinterest 101 – to fill in any gaps your manager might have
  • How to create content for Pinterest that is re-pinned and shared for years
  • How to use Keywords for highest reach on search-heavy Pinterest
  • Intro to Ads on Pinterest
  • ECommerce 101 on Pinterest Buy Pins
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for Pinterest marketing!

Lesson 6 - YouTube



  • YouTube 101 – to fill in any gaps your manager might have
  • How to set or modify an existing Channel to be found in search
  • How to create videos for YouTube that serve your business well
  • How to optimize your videos and your Channel for higher results in search
  • How to re-purpose Facebook Live videos on YouTube
  • Intro to the types of Ads available to businesses on YouTube
  • Understanding YouTube Analytics

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for YouTube marketing!

Lesson 7 - Google



  • Google 101 – to fill in any gaps your manager might have about G+
  • How to set up or modify an existing Locations Page so your business can be found in search
  • How to set-up or modify an existing G+ Brand Page for better SEO results in search
  • Intro to the types of Ads available to businesses through Google
  • 101 Tour through Google Analytics

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for Google marketing!

Lesson 8 - Social ROI



  • How to set up tracking so you know what’s working and what’s not working
  • How to create reports that contains the numbers you really want to know
  • How to present information to the company so everyone understands the numbers
  • Know what types of posts your audience likes and responds to so you can give them more of those
  • Know what types of online campaigns work best so you can run those & not recreate the wheel each time
  • Know what you can stop doing and what you should do more of because no one likes wasting time
  • Know exactly how social media is helping your business or what you can do for better results

AND we have a DAILY CHECKLIST you can use  
for checking your ROI!

Are you ready to learn how to effectively
do your OWN social media marketing
or train your In-House social media managers?

8 Highly Practical MASSIVE Social Media LESSONS — Access to over 20 hours of video tutorials and document training on the latest and greatest developments in social media marketing management » updated at least twice a year as things change in the social media space. Confidence to know how to navigate ALL the socials!  

Daily Checklists, templates, and training on how to use our favorite tools that will allow you to plug, play and market your business online in any social space quickly! Save time! Get right to the REAL marketing tasks!

Complete Access to all 8 of the Social Media LESSONS for anyone in your company. Train up to two people inside your company to use social media marketing to promote your business online. Another time-saving feature! 

Access to a dedicated Facebook community of other in-house social media managers where you can share your expertise, ask questions and make lasting connections. Get almost instant answers to any social media marketing question!

Discounts on other social media trainings >> like Andrea’s Facebook Ads products and Phyllis’ TimeBliss.ME program to learn powerful time management skills! No need to hunt for anything extra — everything is right there for you!


Andrea VahlAndrea Vahl is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies – all 3 editions. She was listed on  50 Favorite Online Marketing Influencers — and on Inc Magazine:  21 Best Blogs That Will Help You Grow Your Business and on Kim Garst’s – Top 30 Women in Social Media.She’s an international speaker and a top trainer for Facebook Advertising at conferences all over the world.

Phyllis Khare Phyllis Khare is a two-times Dummies Author – co-authoring Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies 1st and 2nd Editions with Andrea Vahl and Amy Porterfield and she’s the author of Social Media Marketing ELearning Kit for Dummies. She’s developed a highly acclaimed time-management program for entrepreneurs and she’s the social media strategist for Peaceful Media — consulting with thought-leader brands all over the world – in many different industries.

Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies book
Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies book and Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies book


“The course that Phyllis and Andrea have developed is EPIC!”

“I consider myself a very proficient social media consultant and manager but the course that Phyllis and Andrea have developed is EPIC! Even if you think you know it all there is a ton of amazing content in this course. If you are just starting out as a social media manager, everything you need is right here for you. Perhaps you have a small agency and need extra training for your staff? This course allowed me to help my assistant upskill to manager level and now she’s even generating sales!” — Jenny Brennen

“Packed with resources, tips, checklists, and great teaching.”

“This course was packed with resources, tips, checklists, and great teaching. I know it’s going to help me be more efficient and offer my clients even better services as a result of taking this course. Thanks, Andrea and Phyllis, for putting together a terrific program. I highly recommend it.” — Sue Pamment

Sue Pamment

“The best investment I made in my business this past year.”

“Social Media Manager School was by far the best investment I made in my business this past year. Taught by social media experts, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare, this is an extensive course that includes videos, templates, tip sheets, and articles to help you with your social media business. The private Facebook group has also been an invaluable resource. Social Media Manager School is must-have training for anyone looking to start a social media business or to grow their current business.” — Kelly Ward

Kelly Ward

“They provide an immense amount of information in this course.”

“I just have to share about my experience with the Social Media Manager School. First off, the program is taught by two of the most knowledgeable social media experts around. Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl provide an immense amount of information in this course including videos, templates, articles, etc. — everything that you need to get started and thrive. But here’s the best part: Andrea and Phyllis are involved with every day of your journey. They answer your questions in the Facebook group, provide additional information continually, and support you every step of the way.” — Kristy Schnabel

Kristy Schnabel

Learn how to market your business in every social space



“The real icing on the cake is the community that these amazing ladies have built.”

“I took Social Media Manager School (Premium) in 2013 and ever since I graduated, my social media consulting and management business has sky rocketed beyond my imagination. Phyllis and Andrea are phenomenal teachers! The amount of knowledge and value they give is 10 times (and more) the price they charge for. Although I can’t ever deny the quality and quantity of value they deliver in this course, the real icing on the cake is the community that these amazing ladies have built on the back on the course.” — Liz Azyan

Liz Azyan


When you choose this option, you get all 8 In-House LESSONS 
Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Pinterest and how to track great success online!
And immediate access to the In-House Facebook Group for support and additional training.
Includes 2 seats in the School to access your LESSONS
Total VALUE $1600

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Social Media Manager School Tools

Social Media Manager School is always OPEN. 

Once you are registered you’ll be given access to your LESSONS and the private Facebook group dedicated to businesses and their In-House social media managers.

Each LESSON will include a combination of audio, video, text, templates, and tools to make sure you learn the material from all angles.


Build Your Business

Over the past 7+ years we’ve been sifting through every last strategy, tactic, and tip, and we’ve tested them in our own businesses. We’ve learned a few things about what works, what’s the best bang for your buck (AND time and attention), and what’s best left behind. 

We share it all with you.

We know what you’re going through. We’ve been using social media since the early days. The result? We’ve built our businesses more quickly and have reached far more people than we ever would have by traditional marketing efforts alone. Oh, and we’ve loved every minute of it! That’s why we built Social Media Manager School – so we can share this information with as many people as possible.


LOVE it in 30 Days or Your Money Back!

The amount of education, advice and How To’s you’ll get by joining Social Media Manager School is beyond any other social media training. The investment is minuscule when you consider how quickly you’ll recoup it by using just one of our strategies for bringing more clients in the door.

We’re happy to make you this promise: TRY SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER SCHOOL RISK-FREE FOR 30 DAYS. If you’re not wowed with the value you’re getting for your investment, we’ll happily return your payment, no questions asked.

30 Day Guarantee

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