We know how challenging it can be to start your own business as a social media manager or consultant and we want to help you succeed. Social Media Manager School was developed because of the HUGE need to educate people on how to become good social media managers.

The lessons in Social Media Manager School will teach you both the strategies that you can use to help your clients grow but also the online business skills that you need to help your own business grow.

There have been some amazing students complete this course and we are humbled and honored that you chose Social Media Manager School to help you on your way. You are welcome to reach out to them or read through this page of testimonials. 

To your success!

QUESTIONS? Reach out to us by email support@socialmediamanagerschool.com 

Social Media Manager School is an online course created in 2012 by Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare. The School has over 1500 members all over the world (taught in English at this time).