What’s happening to Social Media Manager School? 

Today we are pleased to share some exciting news. Social Media Manager School will now be under the sole leadership of Co-Founder Phyllis Khare.


Why was this decision made?

Social Media Manager School was founded in 2012 after Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl and Amy Porterfield authored Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. Phyllis and Andrea decided at that point to create an online learning space for people to learn how to be successful social media managers and consultants. Together they’ve developed the contents of the School since 2012.

Now Phyllis’ heart and passion lie in the curriculum development and training for social media managers, and Andrea’s heart and passion lie in the development of training programs for social advertising – especially Facebook ads. Therefore a happy agreement has been made for Phyllis to have 100% ownership of the School and Andrea will be focusing on her Facebook Ads Course, speaking and consulting services.

And yes in case you were wondering, they are still best friends. No drama here. 


How does this announcement affect Social Media Manager School?

This announcement does not affect the functionality or performance of Social Media Manager School in any way. The only visual difference you might notice is that through time Andrea will no longer be featured in the branded materials.


When was the agreement finalized?

The official announcement was made to the existing members of Social Media Manager School on March 19th, 2019 and the agreement will be finalized April 1st.   

If you are a member of the Social Media Manager School Facebook Group you can watch the video announcement right there inside the Group.


I am a current Social Media Manager School member does this announcement affect my membership and access into the school?

Nope. Everything is just as before. You can continue to login as you normally do.

I have paid for Andrea’s Facebook Advertising courses, will this announcement affect my courses with her? 

Nope. Everything is just as before. You can continue to login as you normally do.

Will the name of the Social Media Manager School (SMMS) change? 



Will this announcement affect the quality of the course material in SMMS?

Social Media Manager School will continue to provide top-notch relevant course material and resources for anyone looking to jump into the world of being a successful social media manager or consultant. In addition, this announcement only enhances and expands the number of resources available to our current and future members.


Will Andrea still be a part of the closed SMMS Facebook group?

Yes, as much as she enjoys, but tagging her is not encouraged. If you are part of her Facebook Ads Group you can ask detailed ads questions there. If you aren’t part of her Facebook Group, you are still welcome to ask detailed ads questions in the SMMS Group as there are some amazing members who have extensive experience with Facebook ads who can answer your questions.  


Will members of SMMS still have access to Andrea’s Facebook Ads training?

If you are already part of Andrea’s Ads courses and Groups – that relationship stays the same. If you haven’t taken her courses on Facebook Ads and are feeling you need to do a deeper dive into those after going through the introductory Facebook Ads training the School, you can use a special link to her courses found on the Extras Tab in the School.


Will the SMMS curriculum that Andrea created change or go away?

Through time, all the content is updated in the School. Andrea will continue to live within the curriculum of SMMS until those tutorials she created are updated. As updates and changes occur in the social media industry, modules will be updated accordingly. At that time, Phyllis or someone on the Social Media Manager School Team will continue to record and provide the valuable resources that you have come to expect from the School.


That’s the BIG Announcement!

Everyone on the Social Media Manager School team wants you to know how honored we are to help you develop your business as a successful social media manager or consultant. We are all looking forward to expanding the School going forward. If you have any questions (even after reading this whole announcement…) please send an email to support@socialmediamanagerschool.com If you just want to send a thank you or celebration note to Phyllis and Andrea – you can use the social media links below. 


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A BIG thank you to SMMS member Michelle Tripp for helping us organize this announcement. SMMS members rock!