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Have Questions about Social Media Manager School?

We have answers…

How does your course differ from others out there?

We haven’t taken all the other courses so we can’t speak to exactly how they compare.  Both Phyllis and I have worked with well-known brands around the world as well as writing multiple Dummies books.  So we are authorities in the field of social media management which is a big differentiation to some courses.

We are deeply invested in the success of our students.  We measure OUR success by THEIR success.  We hear over and over from our students how much they can see we care.  Our  course takes you from the more basic levels all the way to some of the more advanced strategies and techniques.

We are also in the private groups commenting and connecting with you.  In some courses, you’ll never see the course creator in the forums or groups (or that’s a big ‘upsell’)  We intentionally make our course affordable and accessible to people who want to start a new career or learn social media management.   

What will I be able to do as a result of your course?

You can truly start your own company and earn a great living as a social media manager or consultant after our training.  But there is additional work on your part.  You will be in charge of how successful you are.  We have had so many students who are now running and managing their own companies and businesses.  Some have built their businesses fast and are able to earn full time incomes fairly quickly.  Others have built their businesses more slowly, starting out part time and developing into full time – taking 6 months to a year to build.  The wonderful thing is that it’s all in your hands and you decide how you want your business to look.

Does your Freelance package include everything that is covered in the In House package?  What is the difference between them?

Everything in the In House version is included in the Freelance version.  The Freelance version also includes modules on building your own business AS a social media consultant or independent social media manager. 

So the In House version is good for someone working in the marketing department of a company and is tasked with doing social media management for them.  Or for a solopreneur who has a business other than social media management or consulting and is learning social media to promote that business.

How long does it take to complete the material?

Many people complete the course by the time all the material is released (in about 4 weeks) so that they can immediately take the certification of completion test.  The test is available to take on May 4th.  The total hours of video course is somewhere around 25 -30 hours of training with everything.  We also offer transcripts and slides so that people can consume the content in different ways.  So you can do this in your spare time if you have a full time job.

I am relatively new to the social media world, is this course for me?

We have recently revamped this entire course so that the social media newbie will gain the skills to really master each platform.

But be aware that it is a lot of information all at once so feel free to take it slow and don’t feel pressure to understand it all at once.  One of the nice things that we have is the Facebook Group where you can go to reinforce your understanding of the lessons and get specific questions answered.   

Also know that we do have a 30-day money back guarantee if you wanted to try it.

How current is the content?

We update the course twice a year when we open the doors, that’s why we keep them closed during the other parts of the year since everything changes so quickly.  

We also alert you to new developments in social media through the Facebook Group. So you know you are always using the latest strategies.

Is there an opportunity to start at the In House package & then upgrade to Freelance?

Yes, you will be able to upgrade to the Freelance version in the future but we have limited times we release the Premium version of the Freelance version because it does involve some live training.

When will you open the course again?

We typically only open the course a couple times a year so that we can ensure that the material is fully updated.  Opening at limited times also allows us to make sure the students work through the material together.  We will likely open our doors again early summer.

How long do I have access to the material?

You have access to the material and the private Facebook group for 1 full year.  You will also get access to any updates we provide to the material.  We usually update it twice a year.  We do have a yearly renewal of $397 for ongoing updates and continued access to the Facebook group.

Can I opt out of the yearly renewal right away?

Yes you can choose to opt out of the renewal right away if you like.  But at the end of the year you will lose access to the group and the material.  We will be sending a reminder a week before the renewal so you can then decide at that time if you want to keep the automatic renewal.  Or as a backup to the email reminder, we recommend that you mark your calendar a week before the annual renewal date so you can decide if you want to renew or not before the charge takes place.  

Access to the ongoing social media updates and other material we provide and the continued support in the Facebook Group is priceless.

How long does it take to get through the material?  How soon can I get my business up and running?

It is work at your own pace – the modules for the Freelancer roll out one a week for 4 weeks but there is lots of other material ready to go so you can get started as soon as you sign up.  There is about about 9 hours of video for the Freelancer section and 14 hours for the new In House section (where all the social media platforms are covered) plus all the downloads.

It really depends on you and your time. Some people go through all the material in 1 week, others take it slower and process things and work on implementing as they go.

As far as getting your business up and running (if you are on the Freelancer track), that can also vary depending on how much knowledge you have already. Some people are taking on clients right away as they work, starting with the platforms they know best.  If you are starting from scratch with this business, it can take a little time to gain your confidence.  Make sure you review the Case Studies we have available from some of our past students!

What do other students think about the course?

Our course consistently gets rave reviews.  Actually when we put a post up to ask our students about the course, we couldn’t even fit all the testimonials on our Testimonial Page.  And the other cool thing is while we offer a 30-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee – we RARELY get returns because people LOVE the course so much.  

And we love our students.  Our Facebook Group is one of the most supportive, collaborative, coolest places on the planet in our opinion.  We’d love to see you there.  Join us!