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Join Phyllis Khare, Co-Founder of Social Media Manager School and LinkedIn ProFinder Expert Pat Roque and learn the EXACT steps Pat uses to build her business and the business of others.


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“Imagine having a GOLDMINE right under your nose, and not even know it? Honestly, that was me. I’ve always loved LinkedIn to grow amazing relationships and generate tons of business around the globe. But I had no idea of the magic that is ProFinder…until December 2017. 

Since uncovering this handy-dandy lead gen tool my inbox is on fi-ya. At first, client requests trickled in a few a day. Now, I typically see a dozen or so, and my record so far is 60 hot, qualified coaching leads in a SINGLE DAY. With NO PAID ADS or commission paid to LinkedIn. YAYYY!” — Pat

In This Masterclass


How to Research ProFinder categories

TIP: If you didn’t know there were categories – you need to attend!

How to Apply for ProFinder expert status

TIP: There are some IMPORTANT things to organize first!

Where to bookmark a set of Response Templates

TIP: if you think you’ll just re-create each response every time — you need to see how Pat responds to requests!

Dubbed “The Rock Star Career Transformation Coach” Pat Roque is a sought-after career growth strategist, keynote speaker, and author as seen on Good Morning America, Oprah, the Ladders, WorkingMother, and more.


If you’re looking to quickly grow US sales, attracting business professionals to buy what they call “white collar products or services” I can help!

Hurry up and grab your piece of the pie and gain EXPERT status while it’s still the best-kept secret.

If you excel in the 120 categories offered, watch this Masterclass and use my 10 steps to fast-track YOUR success as a LinkedIn ProFinder expert!

This is a Must Attend Masterclass If…


You currently are a social media manager or want to be a social media manager or consultant. 


You want to learn a system that will fill your need for clients that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort (or image/video creation skills)


You’ve been putting off building your own business, but NEED to because you want the freedom having your own business provides.


You’ve had some success in the past, but you’re starting to realize that what used to work, now barely brings in enough.

A Note From Phyllis…

“Make sure you attend this important training masterclass…”




I understand.

Sometimes it’s hard to build your own business as a social media manager or consultant. You are SUPER GOOD with your clients – but your own business can fall to the bottom of the list sometimes.

THIS masterclass with Pat will teach you a quick and easy way to gain as many clients as you want – all by using LinkedIn ProFinder. 

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