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I came to the program with lots of social media savvy and little business knowledge on how to run a social media business – for profit! Their program was well structured, contained a lot more content than I was expecting and had lots of step-by-step guides on what to do. Best of all they are active members of their community and offer up lots of advice, suggestions and support. The private Facebook SMMS Community is also positive, engaging and supportive. Never felt more comfortable jumping off a cliff!~ Janet Kennedy

“The SMMS Facebook Group is one of the most valuable parts of the entire package! To be able to get quick and knowledgeable answers from the experts and from colleagues who are trying to accomplish similar goals has been a tremendous help.” ~SMMS Student “SMMS and all the knowledge and interactions I have here may end up allowing me not only to start my own business but to also save my home (quite literally, as I’ve been unemployed for two years). So, whether or not I can make it so that I can become financially stable, the lessons I’ve learned from this program extend beyond SM management and I think I’m a better person for being here Thank you, everyone!” ~Gaby

kellySocial Media Manager School was by far the best investment I made in my business this past year. Taught by social media experts, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare, this is an extensive course that includes videos, templates, tip sheets, and articles to help you with your social media business. The private Facebook group has also been an invaluable resource. Social Media Manager School is must-have training for anyone looking to start a social media business or to grow their current business.~Kelly Ward, Digital K, LLC,

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Student Debbie Peck

Student Kristy Schnabel


“Have you heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a social media expert”? It’s true. Social media are changing too fast for anyone to know it all. But Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare come close.Along with a few hundred students from around the world, I enrolled in Andrea and Phyllis’ Social Media Managers School this fall. They have a wealth of practical experience and they shared as much of it with us as they possibly could.I learned a lot more than I already knew about:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest Top tools for managing multiple clients’ posts on multiple social media Analytics you can use to measure what matters Producing webinars and Ebooks Finding clients, online and in person Setting expectations and actually doing the work I came to the course with a well-developed sense of strategy, the writing skills I needed for content marketing, and long familiarity with social media. What I knew less about was a) advanced social media tactics and b) running a business. Phyllis and Andrea took the mystery out of it. With patience and good humor, they led a varied group of wanna-bes and already-ares through the course. The Facebook group for participants was a great bonus: there were some days when I learned as much from the other students as I did from the teachers. That’s a sign of a great course. If you are interested in managing clients’ social media for a living–or if (like me) you want to add social media management to what you can offer your clients–then you cannot do better than to sign up for the 2014 Social Media Managers School. Just don’t call yourself an expert. Let your expertise speak for itself.” ~Dennis Fishman



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Student Kathleen Magee


natalieI’ve taken a couple of social media manager courses and this one by far was the best one I’ve taken! It’s also the one that I’ve learned the most and got the details on what it’s like to be a social media manager. Thank you to you and Phyllis for such a great course!~Kristen Robinson, KR Design,




stephen hartSMMS is for those who have a desire to be socially organized. Meaning you already have a great grasp on social media, but you really needed the framework to help you become a manager and stay on top of it all. There is no one, no other program, anywhere, that’s going to get you ready to be a SMM, quite like Andrea and Phyllis… all while staying true to their super fun and quirky selves as mentors and managers themselves. I’d pay $1,000 just to be part of the Facebook Group, due to the continued knowledge you’ll gain daily from the 300+ managers in that private group. Vastly underpriced program and they’ve over delivered and will continue to as it has a lifetime membership. Am I going on too much? … sorry, SMMS is just that good and I’m happy to be a SMMS student. ~Stephen Hart






Phyllis and Andrea’s Social Media Manager School came along at just the right moment with just the right information for me! I am so grateful to have the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from this course. The Facebook group is priceless, too, with a fantastic community sharing their social media questions and tips, so the learning goes on and on! ~Natalie Moon-Wainwright, The Calistoga Blogger,




I just want to reiterate how much you both are doing for the social media world. There are so many people out there professing to know everything and are really hurting the profession when they screw up. This course teaches so much to help make us real professionals. I have taken a number of courses before this didn’t teach me anywhere near this much and for once I feel I will really be able to differentiate myself as a real professional. For those of you who are just starting out in this hectic, crazy world of digital marketing, you were really fortunate to get this course as a starting point. ~Ellen Toay

First I would like to say how happy I am that I joined SMMS! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. Although I only just finished module 2 I’ve learned so much already. Thank you, Andrea and Phyllis! ~Helene

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Student Madgie Avery

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Andrea and Phyllis for creating such a complete and full of “goodness” and action taking tips and tricks on their Social Media Manager school. Literally, before I joined the course I felt I was too overwhelmed with “what is what” around social media management and now I have the knowledge, direction and the determination to pursue my passion to deliver a V.I.P service to my clients. The extra bonus of this course is without a doubt the fabulous private Facebook group where a troop of talented Social Media Consultants help you get unstuck on your questions and give you the mental boost to continue and not give up. I would recommend this course a million times over. ~Sophia Pacifico Reis

beth-testAndrea and Phyllis’s Strategy and Proposal documents are continually helpful to me as a social media consultant. I pull them out to use as a foundation every time I need to create documentation for new clients. The proposal template lets you present a professional, comprehensive proposal to your clients — they give you all the tools you need to get more clients. The strategy template gives you step-by-step assistance with creating clear, concise strategies for your social media clients (including everything from mapping out the company’s ideal client, to setting goals for each individual social networking platform). These templates will allow you to stand out from the competition. If you want to look more professional, give your clients better advice, and land more clients, you need these documents. ~Beth Hayden, Social Media Consultant & Speaker


Thank you so much! You are awesome beyond measure. I just have to tell you that I’ve been teaching academics since I was 20 first HS Eng, then adult cont. ed. and now some uni courses. Many people teach industry courses, but few are able to organize the content in such an effective manner. In fact, it’s extremely rare. I work for a few coaches who’ve paid a fortune to big names and give me access to help along their campaigns. It’s usually a bunch of fluff. You are outstanding! Thank you again so much! And while I’d never badmouth anyone, you really should know that I’ve reviewed material from BIG coaches (who rode the “early wave) and found the information…well, fluff. ~ Tracy, student  

It’s Week 4 and I’ve got to say: I love Social Media Manager School. Phyllis and Andrea are so approachable, friendly and helpful. I live in Australia and the distance doesn’t, at all, affect the effectiveness of the course material. They are very quick to respond to my questions and are always so ready to offer their years of on-the-job wisdom, skill and know how. Their passion comes through on each weekly module and they provide an absolute abundance of content and exceptional templates. This course is well worth the small investment. ROI is too high to measure. Thanks Phyllis and Andrea!!! From a very happy SMMS student, Flavia.



Just wanted to share: I’m currently in an entrepreneur course and I’m working with my first (major paying client) and the knowledge I have from this class is worth its weight in gold, people are very impressed with my knowledge, marketing strategies and pricing strategy! Just so you know! ~Therese


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