When it comes to Instagram – there are hundreds of apps you could be using for your social media management clients. Playing around with these apps and asking other social media managers is a great way to find all the perfect apps for you. To get a good idea of what Instagram Apps are being used these days, I reached out to a number of other social media managers to get an idea of what they liked. I also gathered up a few of the apps that I love to use as well. 

BIG DISCLAIMER HERE: Well, let’s be honest. You might love these apps or they may crash your phone. We are not responsible for anything that happens based on our recommendations. PLEASE do your own research before installing or using ANY app on your phone. OK? OK. Back to the post. 

Let’s look at these tools specific to Instagram in these categories: 

    • Graphic and Text Type Apps
    • Photo Apps
    • Collage Apps
    • Video and Editing Apps
    • Organizing and Scheduling Apps

Also, remember to read what we recommend in terms of how many tools you need as a social media manager. Did you see that post? 


Graphic and Text Type Apps

I going to dive right in and start off with the app at the top of our list for graphics creation, and that’s Canva. Many people think that the Canva App is mainly for your computer, but, they also have an app for that! It’s a pretty easy platform to use on your phone as well as converting your ideas and graphics into easy to use images for your Instagram feed.

Another popular graphics app is Adobe Spark. I have a friend that really loves it and it gets lots of top reviews, too. So I had to download it and try it for myself. It does require you to make an account, so take that into consideration. It also will include the Adobe Spark logo on your creations with the free version. To have it removed you can upgrade to a monthly or yearly subscription. There are a lot of cool things going on in this App. You can create tons of fun collages and designs with your photos, as well as change colors and layouts with all the cool effects that they have. It’s pretty fun.

Another couple of graphic type apps are Quotes Creator and the ever-popular Word Swag. Both great for creating different quote images. While you can technically do a number of things in Canva… I was really drawn to the fonts and border frames in the Quotes Creator App. I will absolutely be back to use this one!


Photo Apps for Instagram

One of my top favorite photo editing apps is called Sketch. Photo Studio is also great and offers similar editing. These apps offer a lot of creativity with ease. You can paint and draw with really cool brush applications, colors, and text, stickers, and filters. Currently, this one is my favorite! It’s really handy when you have a stylus to easily overlay and draw.

There are a number of other really great photo editing apps as well. It’s hard to name them all but here are a few others that I find delightful: Pico Sweet with lots of cool stickers, backgrounds, and templates. Photo Glitter Effects which basically you know what that means… that means fun, right!?


Collage Apps Other than Instagram Itself

The next app I enjoy and was referred to me by another Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer was Unfold iOS / Android. Also, lots of fun (that’s got to be the prerequisite, right?!) This app helps you easily make some nice Collages. You can use these for your IG stories, but you could also explore using them in your blog posts or on your Facebook Stories after you’ve put it on Instagram! Fantastic!





Video and Editing Apps for Instagram

One of the founders of Social Media Manager School, Phyllis Khare loves Filmora and its mobile app for quick video edits. She says it’s easy to add transitions, edit, trim, all the video things. check it out!

Quik (by GoPro) is my new favorite video app! Referred to me by another Social Media Manager friend – it is super…. fun! It’s completely different than any of the other video apps I’ve used. It really adds new life to your videos. It offers music and text overlay and then it offers these unusual filter adjustments to give you a different approach to your video layout. Did I mention it was really fun? Tired of hearing that yet? Check it out!

The other video app that I really love is Story Cutter. This app allows you to record or select a video you already have and turn it into 10-second segments. Then you can easily put it into your Instagram Stories. But now that Instagram does this automatically for your longer videos in Stories, you have to see if this one is still worth it.

You Cut is another favorite. It’s a video editor and maker. Again, super fun! This one allows you to do a lot of the things that some of the other apps allow you to do with music and text, but you can overlay your text and filters in different locations on your videos and you can move those around the timeline. Put them in different time periods of your video, change the duration of your video…. it reminds me of a larger editor for the computer. I would absolutely check this one out if you enjoy this type of video creation!

I can’t go without telling you about another one of my favorite video apps. It’s called Movavi Clips. You don’t always have a video to upload that meets your ideas. This app lets you combine still pictures into a video! So, kind of like a slideshow that plays on its own. Awesome!

Did you miss the recent wave of people promoting Wave? This is a very rich tool with so many options and the desktop version has MANY bells and whistles to be explored. 




Organizing and Scheduling Apps

People I talk with love Planoly for planning their posting on Instagram. And, it’s useful for more than just planning your posts. You can also schedule, repost, and analyze with their analytics. This app starts with a free plan with the heavier options part of the paid plans. But, it’s easy to get started, so why not try it out for yourself!?

There are a number of other popular scheduling and planning apps for Instagram: Preview, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Media Manager School Co-founder Phyllis Khare’s favorite Later. Some of them offer straight scheduling while others offer some advanced options like reposting and designing your feed layout. 






Have Fun Trying These Instagram Apps!

While that wraps it up for this article, it certainly doesn’t wrap it up for Instagram Apps and the number of fun and interesting options that are out there.

In the beginning, I mentioned that there are hundreds of apps you could enjoy using with Instagram. And while this is true and that things will come and go, to find Instagram Apps that you enjoy and use, you really need to try some out. It’s pretty easy to download an app and try the free versions… uninstalling if it’s not your thing. You can create so many interesting and innovative things with Instagram Apps. Go explore and have fun!






Article by Social Media Manager School graduate Jennifer Ressmann, Voiyoo Digital Marketing