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About Social Media Manager School

Social Media Manager School started in 2012 on a mission to create social media training for social media managers by social media managers. Tens of thousands of students have made their way through the school and received their certification.

If you’re a newbie wanting to learn all that you can quickly or an experienced social media manager needing a helpful polishing of your skill set, Social Media Manager School is for you.


Years Of Experience

To many of our students the School is one of the biggest assets in advancing their social media careers. That is exactly why Social Media Manager School is now powered by Agorapulse.

Agorapulse is focused on providing robust social media education and actionable advice to its audience. They’ve got a super-active award-winning blog, a social media lab, educational live shows, webinar series, a weekly Twitter chat—and the list goes on. Powering Social Media Manager School is another layer on the cake.

If you haven’t heard of them before, Agorapulse is one of the top social media management tools on the market. It provides all of its annual subscribers with an all-access pass to Social Media Manager School, which means they have free access to our paid tier with over 150 hours of social media training.

Today, Social Media Manager School offers a completely free forever tier with limited access and a paid tier with full access to all of our training for $997 PLUS access to our exclusive Facebook Group with additional educational content, live office hours, and more.